Famous People You've Annoyed


A mate of mine when working for a radio station was outside smoking and casually mentioned the limo waiting must be for a right prick, when Terry Wogan walked right out behind him, turned and glared at him, and got into said limo and drove off.

Anyone else?


David Boreanz, David Walliams, couple others


Your David Walliams story still makes me laugh when I think about it.


Looking back it’s still a lifetime highpoint/lowpoint


My dad annoyed Roger Daltrey


I would love to annoy David Walliams.

I annoyed Joey Barton on twitter, but I think everyone has.



  • Lee Mack
  • Bob Mortimer (sort of)
  • Jimmy Nail

quite a lot actually


my dad


Slagged off The Horrors to Alex Turner once whilst watching them at a festival, he then told me they were supporting the Arctic Monkeys on their tour and that he was a big fan. Seemed mildly irked by it.


ooh my dad and i really annoyed nigel plainer


What’s the Walliams yarn?


Tom Baker.


Don’t know if he really counts as famous, but when Nigel Clough came into my school to talk to us (first time around as Burton manager), I just kept talking to him about Liverpool. Annoyed the tits off him.

Tbf he scored two against United. Legend.





as great as the new site is, it’s hard not to get a bit nostalgic looking at the old one


Bjorn Again

Pushing ‘famous’ here a bit tbh


I once bumped into Ian McCaskill. But he didn’t seem that bothered to be honest.


And Mrs F once trod on Carol Klein’s foot at Chelsea Flower Show, but likewise…