Famous People You've Pleased

The guy from Yo La Tengo, made him laugh a little when he was signing my copy of Fade.

Derivative thread I know but still.

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Balonz’s sister pleased Shaka Hislop


I once served Timothy Dalton a club sandwich, which he said was ‘very nice’. Similarly, I served James Dean Bradfield some whitebait, which he also enjoyed.


Anyone said Ol’ Ma Saps yet?

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I made Stewart Lee laugh once, and Thom Yorke liked my set.

Genuinely my two proudest moments. I also have a son.


British Sea Power really liked my write-up of their Sea of Brass show! They printed it in the liner notes of the studio release!

They spelled my name wrong and got the publication wrong. But still. VERY proud moment.


barry mcguigan came into a store I used to work at and a few people got his autograph. think he must’ve heard me explaining to the other staff who he was because I was the only one who got the bonus message of “keep punchin’” on my autograph


Dev blood orange/test icicle guy shared some sweets with me and my brother

Steven Malkmus. Was really excited to talk about No Age (I was wearing a No Age t shirt at the time).

Probably the greatest 10 minutes of my life.

I had a strange interaction with Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus. He seemed happy that i had bought his CD. When I said I had missed most of the set he said not to worry and that they’d be back to Belfast soon. 20 people tops were at the gig…

Let barry do the fightin’!!!

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what did you say to him to make him laugh?

When buying DVD from Stewart Lee post-gig…

Me: “Hello Stewart Lee”
Stewart Lee: “Hello. What’s your name?”
Me: “Steve”
Stewart Lee: “Hello Steve. What would you like me to write on your DVD?”
Me: “Hello Steve”

He laughed twice. Absolute gold.


Adam and Joe read out one of my stories once and they chuckled whilst doing do.

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Didn’t realise it offered that sort of service, to be honest.

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It was a Text The Nation about jobsworths. I emailed in about the time my wife (aged 33 at the time) got ID’d in Morrisons for trying to buy one of those pizza cutting wheels. I managed to find the episode to download, but they edited our names out :frowning:

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Pleased national treasure and all round good egg jessica ennis hill by turfing* couple of lads out who were following her and her mates around sheffield

*asking them politely to leave

haven’t managed this but he was impressed at my Birthday Party t-shirt