Famous People's Mates

Jimmy Five Bellies


Jimmy Doherty And His Pig Farm

Any more?

Jonathan Wilkes:


Robbie Williams has that mate who only gets to play in a celebrity/pro charity football match because he’s mates with Robbie Williams.

Tell me more!

yep that guy

Ahahahaha Le Tournoi dickheads @Aggpass @Meatsqueak


This is the archetypal one, isn’t it?

you do realise that picture is of Michael Carrick?

Another vote for Davidoff Cool Wilkes

Never heard Jamie Oliver called that before.


Are family members who have coat-tailed their way to minor fame allowed?

kim kardashian started out as paris hilton’s PA (know her dad was famous, but this is what she was before her mam bought the rights to her leaked sex tape #momager)

I’ll allow this

Surely if we’re going Paris Hilton mates yer man Nicole Richie’s the obvious choice

Like Princess Diana?

In that case, I’ll take Danny Willett’s brother

Paul Burrell

nah, she was a socialite in her own right. just because paris was more famous over here doesn’t mean nicole ritchie wasn’t all over the tabloids for her drug addiction and DUIs (also, v. famous dad and biological aunt).

is that actually kim k? she looks like a completely different person