Famous voice, not famous face (polls)


RTF and no googling, obviously


  • I know this famous voiced person
  • I do not know this famous voiced person

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i’m guessing that it is her off of choreetho


  • I know this person with a famous voice
  • dkwyap

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  • I know this famous voiced person
  • Who?

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x factor bloke?


  • I know this famous voiced person
  • Nope

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  • Know
  • No

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  • Yes I do
  • No I don’t

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Like you forgot your poll?? AAAAAAAH


I was going to add that. I was going to do “Come DON’T with me” but that would rather give it away*.

EDIT : *Like this


  • yes but calling him famous is pushing it tbh
  • no

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It’s what I assume H John Benjamin looks like but I’ve never seen him



  • yes
  • no

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turns out marckee does really know everything.


Quite surprised by the results of this one, tbh.


Apart from the ones I don’t know.


Maybe it’s just the photo.

This would give it away…





  • I know that guy!
  • You’re just searching for old peoples names on LinkedIn and copying the profile pics now

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