Famouses with the same birthday as you


I just found out I have the same birthday as (author) David Mitchell. If you type the day of your birthday into Wikipedia, it gives you all the births, deaths etc on the same calendar day. I’ve got (favourites i bold):

Charles Perrault
John Singer Sargent
Jack London
P.W. Botha
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Tim Horton of Tim Horton’s coffee
Des O’Connor
Haruki Murakami
Kirstie Alley
Rush Limbaugh
Howard Stern
Blixa Bargeld
Rob Zombie
Zack de la Rocha
David Mitchell (author not comedian)
Sporty Spice
Zayn Malik

Seems like I have a choice of careers here:

  1. Famous writer
  2. Right-wing arsehole
  3. Glamourous RnB or pop star
  4. Beloved by Kerrang

(Or I can just get the free coffee in Canada)


Apart from Olivier Le Gac (the most recent, 1993), I had to go back to Tom Ford (1961) to find someone else I’d heard of. Got Barbara Bach too. President Lyndon B Johnson! Big hitter there. Oooh and the inventor of the Theremin. Must be why I love Goldfrapp.

Helmut Winklhofer (1961) wins it for me though. What a name!


Karl Marx and Craig David


Just think Em, the more time you spend on here…the less time you have for writing that novel and/or practicing those back-flips.


Che Guevara and Boy George, amongst others.
There also a Southend winger who shares my date of birth.


Just having a look through deaths. Only one I recognise is Earl Mountbatten.

It is National Banana Loving Day in the States though. Guess what’s one of the only three things I’m allergic to? :banana:


13th March. Shower of absolute nobodies. Pffffft.

A while ago I was stood in the queue for the Camden Palace on my birthday. Someone shouted my name and Happy Birthday. Turns out they were talking to the person two places in front of me. That’s slightly unlikely.


Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling
Titus Bramble
the drummer off Coldplay
the bloke off the coors
Wesley Snipes
Primo Levi
John Searle


L. Ron Hubbard!


That’s my dad’s name, who’s this chancer?


Ha! Missed his name the first time I scanned though. Ah well. In good company then.


so your ma’s name is Dagmar?


Might start calling her that now, I’ll let you know how it goes.


I have a real soft spot for Tim Horton’s!

Apparently I share the same birthday with:

Bobby Moore
David Letterman
Claire Danes
Brendon Urie

And Tiny Tim :smiley:


Henry Fonda
Judy Finnigan
Christian Lacroix
Pierce Brosnan
Krist Novoselic
Janet Jackson
David Boreanaz
Emilíana Torrini
Megan Fox
Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Liberace, Janet Jackson and Megan Fox. I was destined to be fabulous :nail_care:


Jack Kerouac :slight_smile:
Mitt Romney :frowning:


Idris Elba
Jane Addams
Buster Bloodvessel
Pat Nevin

Kerry Katona
Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie


You and @shrewbie need to team up for your Has-Been-Popstar Revolution Team.


I do the backflips in between. I set a timer.


Mitt probably turned to the dark side because he wasn’t allowed to wander.