Fan ovens vs Conventional Ovens

Fan assisted ovens are effectively 20C higher in temp than conventional ones so why weren’t they always just shipped with an adjusted scale so you’d set them to the same temp as conventional?

And does this mean there’s stuff you can cook at max temp only in a fan oven?

This thread was requested by @hip_young_gunslinger and @ttf although it was already answered comprehensively on Twitter in my view.




No. You just design a conventional oven that is 22 degrees hotter than the hottest fan oven. Obviously.

Tell you something. There is a crazy price differential with ovens that seems INEXPLICABLE. Like, basically the same oven but is £500 more. More so than any appliance, I would say. Interesting

Got to say Theo, I was excited about the fact that I would have access to a fan oven when moving to my current flat but it’s a fucking nightmare to keep clean and, frankly, I wish that it was non-fan now.

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You can take the Theo out of Maplins …

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absolutely no difference in keeping them clean. Fake news

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I’ve found that roasting a chicken, for example, makes an almighty mess in there now.

You need a pyrolytic (or however it’s spelt) one.

I used our setting once and it was rubbish, though.

oh my god NO


I think this is possibly the pyrolysis (again, spelling?) for cleaning or something.

Does he only eat roast chicken?

Ant doesn’t drink


any of yous ever calibrated your oven thermometer ?

need to keep that thing running true

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Did you see in the other thread where @Aggpass dunked you and @andyvine fairly comprehensively?

So you want fan ovens to lie about the temperature? What has happened to you?


why change the fan ovens? why not change the regular ovens?

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yeah, but they all have some “easy clean” surface thing. I’m not paying £500 more for psoriasis mate!

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Tell you what was really annoying, whether you like it or not: not only is my in-law’s oven in Fahrenheit, owing to their stateside residence, but it automatically knocks 25 degrees off the temperature you type in, as if it knows better about what temperature you’re trying to cook at. Thing is, it’s a crockpot of shit though, mate. even if you adjust your temperatures up by 25 degrees it still cooks really slowly. not happy about their life decisions on that one*

* sure it probably came with the house, but that to me says they should have been getting a different house.

u wot?