Fancy a bit of Flying Jacob?

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  • Would try a veggie/vegan version
  • Wouldn’t go near it

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@BodyInTheThames ever had this?

and then I go and spoil it all by adding somethin’ stupid like banaaaaaanaaas


Yes, I have had this and it was vile

Another classic is Janssons Frestelse (Jansson’s temptation) which is an anchovy gratin and is about as tempting as that sounds :face_vomiting:


It’s an absolute staple of 70s Swedish cooking to put random fruit in a savoury dish to make it ‘exotic’

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sounds alright imo. not going to be making it myself but if it was on offer, sure, i’d give it a go


I quite like '70s food like this, appealing mixtures of sweet and savoury and general big flavours abound! I can see it being pretty good balanced with some nice green salad.

I’m not a fan of any of the small tinned fishes tbh and as seafood & potatoes go it’s a haddock & chips for me ta

Yeah, this sounds fine to me.

That Flying Jacob thing sounds grim though, even if I wasn’t allergic to nuts.

I bet the Swedes point and laugh at beans on toast as well…


I reckon it’s lush.

Not touching that flygande jacob shit though


think you should live post trying it. at least 6 likes up for grabs there i reckon

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If I find it somewhere easily then I’ll do it

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This is the thing my MIL was going to make herself over Christmas. She was really looking forward to it but the recipe she was using had an ingredient written in Swedish with “(Swedish fish) “ beside it. She bought a couple of boxes of this, not realising they were sweets

She’s cringed so hard every time she thinks about that I don’t think she’ll ever make it bow


This is very “Rachel’s trifle”

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Bit of Flying Jacob? Some Clarky Cats? Yellow Bentines?


A could really go for a smörgåstårta today for some reason

I guess it’s been ages since I been to a wedding, christening or funeral