Fancy pigeons


I mean who is making these arbitrary fancy designations.

How much does it pay?

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  • I fancy pigeons
  • I do not fancy pigeons

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  • I knew that pigeon fanciers made pigeons fancier
  • I thought they fancied pigeons

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I love pigeons

top 10 animal

love their strut, love the fact they’ll eat any old shit, love their appreciation of chips, top lads


I think this one glitched


shrewbie these pigeons are so fancy

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I thought they were just big fans of pigeons

We know @xylo finds a gorillas attractive so I’ll be interested in his answer here

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isn’t it mad that pigeons are doves

  • yes i’ve always thought this
  • i didn’t know this but now that I do, yes it is

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Was once in this Serbian zoo and they had some massive pigeons, they were the size of cats, felt like a fever dream. Would like to see them again.

A baby pidgeon is called a squab.

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Imagine if pigeons started quacking
Just for one day