Fancy synthetic milk made from a combination of yeast, cow DNA and plant nutrients?



The future

It sounds…good?

(Your topic is similar to…

This new Green Day song sounds like it was made with an algorithm)


Nah, I’m alright thanks



If it’s lactose free, sure. Anyone saying no is an embarrassing Luddite.


Glad you’re full onto the Huel wagon now. :wink:


Fight me.

At some kind of card and/or miniatures based game.


but yeah i’d drink it tbh. anything for the :smile_cat: :tiger: :ox: :camel: :pig2: :dog: :mouse2:


Has anyone ever called you Theo B.O.?

Just wondering.


Not until just now. I guess I’m good with deodorant.


Theo Deo


Now I have had my answer questioned. Yes I would use this milk if the price was reasonable, the taste as promised and it wasn’t going to kill me.


depends what it tastes like


sounds pretty good to be honest


“We’re taking plant nutrients and transforming them into animals
proteins the same way that cows do, using the same milk proteins as
found in cow’s milk, but much more efficiently, because we’re using a
yeast cell not a 2,000lb animal,”

Sounds interesting.


I stopped reading at “San Francisco startup”.


Similar note, tried those 5HTP you were talking about. Good stuff.



he he


He. ?

@hip_young_gunslinger ?


all of those things are tasty so yeah