Terrible idea, don’t ever be a fan of anything. Ridiculous!

Remember when the FFVII remake was announced and grown humans were openly weeping on tables? Pathetic.

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Bad take please be nicer


The biggest of safety winks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think there is a difference between liking something and being a fan

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half of those posts were probably saying FFIX was better

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I don’t care what people like or to what degree as long as they’re not a prick.

Or talk to me about it, they also can’t talk to me about it.


When people co-opt something others have created as part of their identity and get angry at the creators is where it crosses a line. IMO the concept of fandom encourages this

Actually that’s not true I love listening to people talk about stuff they’re excited about. Maybe I’m the prick.


Terrible wiki. Awful layout. Use it every day.

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People who are interested in things are interesting people.

Being a fan of something - nice
Being a dickhead about something that exists and you claim to be a fan of but just complain all the time - not nice

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that’s not what being a fan is

But enough about



i enjoy being a fan of things. i don’t really know when this became being part of a ‘fandom’ but i don’t like it.

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just like things critically and independent of your sense of self worth that’s all I’m asking

Being on Tumblr in the early '10s and witnessing the SuperWhoLock fans made me scared to ever be part of a “fandom”.


what’s that a DR Who thing?

Somehow, the fan bases of the shows Supernatural, Dr, Who and BBC Sherlock formed into a hideous rat king of a fanbases known as SuperWhoLock.


oh I bet they had some opinions!

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