Fans of The Room unite

The Disaster Artist finally has a trailer!


See I loved The Room and I would like this film
But I do not like James Franco or it would seem half of the other people that are in it.

Exception to the rule of his films being shit I hope.

The book is so funny so hopefully the film just writes itself. It would be hard to fuck this up

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wtf james franco is great

  • james franco
  • james wanko

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sorry, have polls on the brain today

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how is he?

I think of that weird group that are just always in movies together as really fucking annoying and they’re just pure bants on set which makes the actual film dog shit and not funny at all

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Looks even less funny that the room if that’s possible

never seen The Room but it looks like one of those films which is just a wholly unenjoyable experience all round and doesn’t even have a novelty value

‘never seen The Room’

There’s the problem


Legit one of my favourite films

This is the End is very funny imo.

Also he’s great in Springbreakers and it’s totally unlike any of the comedy stuff he’s in.

big fan of spiderman 3

This is like when a joke just gets entirely out of hand.

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I dont need to, storiea of everyone going to see it and chucking spoons, nah

Ffs don’t let stories ruin good things

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I only watched it for the first time a few montha ago, and I would have to say that it was totally, totally worth it.

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If you skip the awkward sex scenes it’s actually really compelling, and I usually hate movies people declare ‘so bad it’s good’

Everything about the film is wrong and is wrong in a way that is endlessly fascinating, as a movie it’s truly one of a kind.


Hmm you know what, I’ll give it a watch tomorrow

one of the best things about seeing it in the cinema is you realise how funny the sex scenes are - especially the fact that they re-use the footage - everyone just yelling at the screen throughout is genuinely incredibly funny