Fans of TV shows, films, bands etc. you don't see much

Mrs Brown’s Boys
Foo Fighters
The Fast and Furious film franchise

I’ve encountered one or two of each, tbf, but they’re a lot rarer than their ratings/sales would suggest.

UK based (Major League) baseball fans seem incredibly rare too.

You do see a fair amount of people with Muse and Foo Fighters T-shirts and hoodies etc. One of my colleagues is definitely a big Foo Fighters fan. TBH I’m much less likely to encounter a Neutral Milk Hotel fan in everyday life (though I have a story about that I might save for later in the thread).


The wife of one of my friends is a massive fan of both Mrs Browns Boys and the Fast and Furious films.

Also once had a housemate who was obsessed with Coldplay and U2.

Think it’s just “shy” fans

My dad like Mrs Brown’s Boys, always asks me if I’ve been watching it. I never have. I must be such a disappointment to him.

Feel like there’s probably a lot of crossover between fans of Coldplay, Muse, Foo Fighters and U2.

Nice hidden Thursday message.


Obviously you’ve not been to my house at xmas to see the entire family bar me howling with laughter

In fact I just remembered that my parents took my Grandma to the live show too

Deeply incorrect thread


My parents :sob:

I think most people just don’t wear their popular culture allegiances on their sleeves.

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Probably incorrect and terrible examples, sorry about the OP, was so tired. But feel free to chat away with good ones y’all!

me and my best friend at uni first bonded when he excitedly knocked on my bedroom door in halls because he heard me listening to In The Aeroplane Over the Sea.

felt like quite a big deal in 2007

Just found a militant Emeli Sande fan account.

I’ll bring you more on this critically important story as it develops.