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No soliciting please balonz

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Is good

Also, sleeping with the fan on has led to some great “annoying your partner” crossover where I’ll always say “mmmm fan on” to the “mmmm Danone” jingle.


Got one of those Dyson bladeless fans last year and it’s great. Always sleep with one on because I’m a hot sleeper and like the white noise but found blades and grate on a normal one collected loads of dust which set off allergies. This is super easy to clean and has the right amount of gentle drone to get me to sleep. Would recommend.

(This was a paid post brought to you in partnership with Barry ‘Airblades’ Hogan)

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They had a big one of those in the birthing room when my son was… birthed. What the fuck are the NHS playing at? Or is that someone donating it? What is going on? Please let me know.

For that price I would want it delivered by Scarlet Johansson

I’d get a mini air con unit instead (or even just rent one for the week it’s ridiculously hot). Fans are rubbish or stupidly expensive (or both).

The whole maternity unit in winch is full of those, and the floor standing ones. $$$

What the fuck is going on? Yeah this one was a floor stander.

Either Dyson have donated a billion of those fans, or they’ve got a very tasty discount

Why are delivery rooms always so hot ? Only one of my kids was born in summer but I’m sure the room was sweltering every time

I think babies like it warm because they’ve been lounging round in a tummy for 9 months. selfish little twats.

also the mum is going to be largely undressed for the duration. again - selfish.

it doesn’t ever get hot enough in the UK to warrant a fan

It was so fucking warm in our room. Touching 30°c

Certainly does in my flat

£100 pounds says you’ve stuck your dick in it

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Half right, that one had blades.

Got mine on eBay for £130 so it’s probably a knockoff, which I’m ok with.