Good stuff imo. Best in a can rather than a plastic bottle, like all drinks. I like all the flavours you can get from other countries and off the internet and that. Fruit Twist is by far the best though, probably rounds out my fizzy pop top 3 with Coke and Irn Bru. You know where you are with a Fanta.


Saw Fanta on tap in Canada when I was 11. Assumed it was orange, because why would it be anything else?

Fizzy dentist mouthwash flavour, wasn’t it. Root beer

Lemon fanta in a hot country while on holiday is amazing, absolute garbage at home though


Do they still do Icy Lemon Fanta? Was my go to soft drink for a while, outstanding liquid refreshment.



I’ll tell you what I don’t care for though, those mystery flavour ones. Just tell us what it is you cowards.



Oh yeah? What’s better then? Orange? Get a life.

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Absolutely killed by the sugar tax. Fruit twist the pick but they’ve all gone to the dogs.

Icy lemon when on the continent is still majestic though, safebruv is correct


Biggest sugartax casualty

  • Fanta icy lemon
  • Ting
  • Other

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If any political party runs on the removal of the sugar tax they have got my vote.



Never good enough to be a proper casualty.

Undrinkable now though aye

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Reckon I’d pay £4 for a can of proper ting on a summer day.

Really good out of a cold can, not up to much otherwise, but a waste of time now, like most of them.

Oh i did a “Put a few spoons of sugar in it” bit last time didn’t i.

Might go back to that

Don’t reckon ive had a can of tango for 22 years

Probably Irn Bru no


Never good enough to be a real casualty (is there a way I can mute all of the Scottish disers at once)

I got Tango berry peachy with my meal deal today because it was luminous pink, thought the colourings might make up for the sugar but alas no. Just average