Fantasy 90s Saturday morning telly schedule

Max five each…

Mission: Impossible
The Secret World of Alex Mack
Saved by the Bell
Trans World Sport
Gazzetta Football Italia


(If you’re too young, piss off).

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Last three are in. WCW on channel 4 (I think)? and Soccer AM too.

Kenan and Kel
Soccer AM
Fresh Prince
WWF Smackdown

Don’t remember Fresh Prince being on on Saturdays.

Always watched during the week, obviously (4:30ish, BBC2?).

Pete and Pete
The raccoons (80s?)
Xmen the animated series
Batman the antimated series

Think it was 615?

What time was Neighbours and Home and Away?

Neighbours was 535.

Keenan and Kel
Simpsons (was on Live and Kicking for a bit I think)
Sharkey and George
Trans world sport
Gazzetta Football Italia

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used to be on Trouble I think

Sharkey and George wad great. Sure it was the first cartoon on.

We used to get very grainy coverage of S4C who somehow used to have a round-up of European football highlights. Weird.

Sharkey and George was brilliant.

Can’t actually remember if things were on a Saturday mornings or just on in the mornings during the school holidays though

The Secret World of Alex Mack
Saved by the Bell
Football Italia
Rocko’s Modern Life
Fresh Prince

We didn’t get Sky or cable til, like, 2000/2001ish.

Yeah, same here. Then spent all day watching extreme channel after that

6:25, post-Simpsons slot

Buffy at 6:45

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Trans World Sport
Wide Awake Club (this included MASK, so maybe counts as two programmes)
On The Waterfront
Gazetta Football Italia

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

The one where the good guys fought evil plants using cars. The opposite of Captain Planet, basically

Once Upon a Time… Life

Sort of cartoon about biology? All red blood cells bustling around, it was great

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“Han Solo? No, no, I’m Herc Stormsailor, his non-union Mexican equivalent.”

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Mr Benn
Roland’s Rat Race
Eggs and Baker
Saturday Superstore
The ITV Chart Show

(I’m too old, piss off)