Fantasy 90s Saturday morning telly schedule

The Chart Show is a great shout


Sharky and George
Live and Kicking
The Chart Show
Football Focus (Grandstand edition)
Football Italia


Might even squeeze in Transworld Sport somewhere between Sharky and George and Live and Kicking.

Or 2 hours on Civilization 2/Champ Manager 2

Live and kicking
Transworld sport
F1 qualifying

SMTV live and CDUK would be on the list


Going live
Transworld Sport
Chart Show
Movies, games and videos (though I think this was technically early afternoon)

Lot of Trans World Sport chat in this thread. I mean I did used to watch it but always found it quite boring all in. Too much sumo wrestling and skiing content for my liking (although this is just a comment on my own preferences, not on TWS as a programme/concept).

Nah, it was fucking brilliant.

Bit of paris Dakar chat followed by some kabbadi highlights? yes please.



Don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with a post more

Then the special reports on weird ‘sports’ like Indian bicycle football or something

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Oh yeah I didn’t expect it to be agreed with in the slightest.

Grandstand to see you through lunch, then the painful wait until a Bruce Forsyth fronted game show

What’s this all about then?

Things like sumo wrestling were the best bits!

Saturday afternoon kickabout in the park, straight after lunch, every week, for about 3 hours for me.

We didn’t have parks or corned beef in the 90s I’m afraid :frowning:

You’re going to tell me that you didn’t have Sondico keeper gloves and Mitre Delta footballs either, now

Cool kids wore reusch or uhlsport (me).

Round the bend was a great bit of kids TV