Fantasy Bank Holiday Allocation

Probably a thread in ‘Whats the deepest hole you’ve ever dug’ or something like that.

Tuesday and thursday bank holidays are the best because you get the knock-on effect of having the corresponding monday and fridays off too in a phenomenon the Swedes call a klämdag - squeeze day

Pretty happy with the current allocation. Spring is the superior season and richly deserves adoration from the people for bequeathing them barbecues and lager on partially cloudy bank holidays.

Would happily endure a new public holiday in either June or July, then a further one in November if that’s the kind of content you’re after?

No it is not. Your suggestion of a November BH has greatly angered me.

People who don’t know how to do no work and slack off early on Fridays don’t deserve bank holidays. Monday bank holidays are for sleeping off the Sunday afternoon hangover and putting a load of washing in.

You asked…

I think it’s a good idea to commemorate armistice day with a public holiday. What have you against peace and a renewed determination to avoid such conflicts in the future?

Yeah we could call it “Thanksgiving” and then we could start saying “can I get” instead of “please may I have” and saying “Yee Ha!” instead of “Jolly good show!” and… and…

The Russians went down 40-odd thousand feet once:

The UK working age population is about 40m, so if everyone can dig 1ft a day then we’ll be seven thousand times deeper than that by the end of the week. Then a day off for a party.

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What haven’t I got against it!

It’s a lot easier to move your low productivity, early finish and treat lunch to a pre-bank holiday Thursday than it is to get a tube after midnight on a pre-bank holiday Sunday. Get them shifted.

Again, if you’re trying to go out on the lash in London on a Sunday night you get what you deserve.

I’m not, I’m trying to go out on a Thursday. It’s you and the establishment that are stopping me!

Go out Thursday -> go to work Friday hungover -> do no work -> slope off early.

It’s not rocket surgery.

:smiley: very good