Fantasy Browsing

Anyone ever do much fantasy browsing - y’know, spending time looking at stuff you’ll never be able to afford ?

The TV just asked me to look up Imac prices so I maxed out all the specifications and kin’ell

That’s £10,276.22 in your British money. Fine if you work at Pixar I suppose

I guess most people’s fantasy browsing is Rightmove/Property type stuff and I’m occasionally one of those nosy parkers who checks out the Swedish equivalent (Hemnet) to see how the inbred gentry’s property is shifting these days and imagining building an ace studio in the former stables or w/e

^Click and check out this place. It’s crazy nice


what’s your fantasy browse, Property? Cars? Musical instruments? Clothes? bikes? Holiday destinations ?

Share your very-nice-but-never-in-a-million-years-unless-I-win-the-lottery bookmarks

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Be lovely to buy all that stuff when I’m a billionaire tbh :nail_care:t2:

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Oooh, great thread.
YES. I love looking at utterly tacky and hideously expensive clothes and interior products. Shoes are a big one.

Oh and also plastic surgery lol.

Just need to kill off a couple more relatives…


Really want to spend £3000 on a mountain bike I’ll never have the time to use.


Yes this is the best. Some ridiculous place like Mr Porter.


post some links

you too @HotBeefTrauma I wanna see this mountain bike

I like having a flick through nice houses in the Peak District on rightmove


Mainly houses and vintage fender jaguars.

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Basically anything from here:


I spend a lot of time on mr and mrs smith filtering from high to low

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what is mr and mrs smith ?

And the other day I got :ok_hand:t3: close to purchasing a peloton bike (it’s like £2k) but then measured how big it actually is and it wouldn’t fit anywhere in my pokey flat but it was nice to dream for a moment

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Boutique hotels/holidays

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Also want a really decent telescope, a leccy car and a garden office.

Anyone got a spare four grand for this cardigan?


Yes! I do this to properties a lot and the other day was looking at who make tvs for your shower or kitchen or garden, and even ones in your mirror

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Might get myself this, as a wee treat


uuurrrghhhh now, the picture there is the red but it’s the BLACK AND GOLD. It’s a real “fuck me” boot, yknow??

Oooh they’ve also got a zebra print stool. Might… say… fuck it…


Looked at how much the houses on our street were selling for the other day