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It’s a wreck.

You’re not buying the house to move straight in here though are you? You’re buying the previously developed plot, to “renovate”.

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It’s in better nick than our place was when we bought it.

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Not that into the whole Midcentury Modern thing generally but really like this place.

Not sure I could live in this house without doing some extensive redecorating

But the bathroom is a perfect 2022 website palette


Want this house I reckon


Friendship ended with that house

Now this house is my best friend


Think the bathroom is bigger than my flat :grinning:

Bathroom guitar seems absolutely unnecessary

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Love this so much. Already sold, not my size, too expensive…


Seems to have too many rooms. You could lose people.

that bathroom confuses me, it has the colour palette of a bedroom

If you move to Sunderland, you could have one of these for half the price

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‘Bloody love acoustics, me!’

  • That House

Doesn’t really belong in the weird listings thread.

Not my dream home, either, but I’d take it. Have seen many many much worse superstar indulgence homes. Would be actually nice and good fun to live here, I reckon.

Except that you would be in Indiana :skull_and_crossbones:

An Eerie thought!

Convenient for the racetrack, though. Nip into Chicago. Pop across to Canada. Could be worse.

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It’s either maga farmland or suburban wasteland, so I’ve heard. Factories too. Bloomington is alright.

Does look like a fun house, though I grew up in a log house and am anti-nostalgia.