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Love it round there

We made an offer, just waiting to see if anyone trumps it in the bidding. It’s looking pretty good for us atm though :scream:

good luck

but watch out for dodgy bidders, we had a few weird situations before we bought our place

Over the weekend I passed a sign advertising a forest for sale, and I haven’t stopped browsing this website since.

27 grand for your own fucking forest! I reckon this site could put that together.

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3 acre wood

Look do you want to put ‘forest owner’ in your letter header or not?

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This is my porn name



I found this listing

5,200 hectares of forest, farmland and lakes

no price though

Aye - we actually just cut the bidding entirely, upped our own bid and signing the contract later! Alarming!


Sporting rights: Included.

Well I’m sold. How much does a basketball court cost to build?

Congratulations !

Exciting stuff

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Thanks man! Utterly terrifying - now we just have to find the money to pay for it :rofl::crazy_face:

loans are cheap

get insurance

Perhaps my brain has been rotted by London prices, but this seems pretty cheap for what it is.

Is that the house from Bandersnatch?

No, but that one, The Sugden House, did come up for sale a couple of years ago

Latter ring arrived today :slight_smile::ring:

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Not so much fantasy browsing as nostalgia browsing…