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Thanks so much @xylo and @Joy_Nuskey . Any Greenville, Blowing Rock and Charleston tips also welcome!

It’s been years since I’ve been to those places. Charleston – I remember the Battery was good for walking around, and I also liked the university neighborhood. The submarine tour was not worth it. Never been to Greenville.

Blowing Rock itself, of course. Otherwise it’s so wonderful to drive along the parkway to Grandfather Mountain and Linville. The short hike up to Linville Falls is worth it. Thunder Hill and the walk up Rough Ridge are great. Any of the overlooks are good really. Photos don’t come close to what it feels like up there. I’d spend all my time doing that; the tourist attractions aren’t worth it. Tweetsie Railroad is for children, and I’ve had nightmares about it as an adult. Little Switzerland sounds like it’d be cute but is nothing.

Back in Asheville, The Orange Peel is the main music venue for tours. Charli XCX is playing next month! The calendar will show who else is playing. The Grey Eagle is another one.

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The AllTrails app is great for finding hikes and things.

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Thanks so much for all that!

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Just round the corner from me. Would say it’ll go for at least 15% over, could well go for 20% over. Possibly more. So ~£440k is perhaps a realistic price?


Not even fully a total fantasy, this. Theoretically doable, with ifs upon what ifs upon maybes upon perhapses. If I bagged that promotion I narrowly missed out on recently. If I went back up to a 5 day week. If MsWza went back up to a 5 day week also. If we cut back on a few things, like hearing the place properly, holidaying, fully furnishing it, actually properly maintaining the place, etc. If we bumped our mortgage term all the way back up to 25yrs, if they’d even allow that. And if we could sell our place at the absolute maximum any comparable place nearby has gone for recently. The temptation to arrange a viewing is there, but it’d just be teasing myself. Glad to be where I am with every potential upgrade squarely being a want rather than a genuine need.


Oooh those floors. It’s beautiful…


Really nicely dressed/presented innit. An antidote to the grey plague, or attempts at minimalism with a signature colour ‘to make it pop’.

Trying to work out how the plan works on that, and it looks like the main house has been split into two maisonettes, with the property for sale having a first floor that oversails the ground floor of next door. The front entrance is through the conservatory.

If I was buying a ‘dream home’, I’m not sure that I’d be too fussed about that arrangement.

Yep, I think you’re right. This one has the first floor bay, next door has the ground floor bay.

By ‘not too fussed’ you mean you’d be fine with that, yeah? Or does that arrangement present a particular risk?

So nice it could convince me to live in Swinton (though I bet it’s freezing in winter):

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I wouldn’t

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Not a particular risk (it’s definitely less risky in Scotland without the leasehold/freehold thing), but you’d certainly want to make sure that there’s nothing scary in the deeds or any covenants, and that there are no issues with insurances.

I’m just not sure that it’s an arrangement that particularly appeals to me.

It does have good access to public transport…

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Fair enough. :+1: It’s also in a Conservation Area, which has the potential to be restrictive, I suppose. Possibly some financial obligation for that shared garden bit out to the front, too, as it doesn’t seem to be part of the adopted road extent.

John Outram is having a bit of a revival at the moment, so this is good timing

Found my dream home. Look at that price too.


Been on holiday just near here. Not fancy, it would just suit me perfectly.


spent a couple of weeks in citta di castello a few years back and had a similar thought

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You’ll need to price in about €10000 of mosquito repellent and mosquito nets & anti mosquito equipment of every type

That’s alright. I am permanently covered in bites even in the UK, I’m every bugs fave meal.

Anyone who’d care to buy this for me, I’ll come prepared in a mosquito ready hazmat suit.

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