Fantasy Dinner Party

Who do you want to invite?

  • Braxton Spence- Self-styled “hackademic”. Will talk about computers all night but WILL bring a bottle of rare single-malt whisky with him.
  • Mateusz Wolf- Owns the local quarry.
  • Lilli Bain- High-flying business-executive. Has loads of great stories from her many travels abroad. Might have to leave the dinner-party early to close a deal with the people from Weetabix though.
  • Wilson Ireland- Both Lilli’s husband and Town Warlock. Likes talking in a vaguely medieval fashion and insists on drinking out of an expensive Norse drinking-horn he bought at a beer festival.
  • The Joker
  • Agatha Stott- The nicest most likeable person you will ever meet. Smells really strongly of Bisto and will stink the house up.
  • Hermione Day- Genuinely hilarious but 30% chance that she’ll steal your television.
  • Lea Rasmussen- Doesn’t like Supergrass.

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Just gone with lili as she’s the only one who might leave quickly

Gregg Wallace
Louie Spence
Joe Swash
Liz McDonald
Charlotte Church

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None of those are options. FFS.

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I’d invite @anon19035908, @kermitwormit, @anon32406580 @keith @Lo-Pan @Witches and @japes
And Ginger Wildheart
Oh and @rich-t


Aww you :kissing_heart:
If I set off now I’ll be there for Sunday lunch.


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The original.options were rubbish (apart from Joker)

Reckon Greg Wallace would just bang on about how biscuit factories work all night

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Poor Hermoime Day.


Stephen Fry, Albert Einstein, Gandhi and Ricky Gervais


Don’t.know.who.she/he/they is/are

That’s a helluva team :grinning:

Actually this whole idea seemed better in my head.

Should have just done a general dinner party thread

John Merrick
Peter Kay
That fella who cut his own arm off
Her who sailed round the world in a boat
Kym Marsh

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Yes!!! Made the edit!

This is a joke

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aww thank you :blush: