Fantasy Family

But if you could?

From the world of television you can have

1 mother
1 father
1 sister
1 brother
1 grandparent
1 uncle or aunt
and NO niblings

do they have to be characters or can they just be celebs

I was thinking characters but as we are in lockdown and need to be kind to one another then celebs are fine.

As a father I’ll have Tom Selleck (in any role he’s played).

Not really bothered about the others, I’ll take an uncle from Curb though - either Leon or Funkhouser please.


I have assigned you Dot Cotton as your mum. Hyacinth Bucket as your sister. Tobias Funke as your brother. Logan Roy as your grandpappy.

I am happier with some of those than others. Looking forward to some vintage Logan Roy “Fuck off!” exclamations at family gatherings.

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Mother: Alice Newton from Beethoven’s 2nd
Father: Michel Roux Jr from Masterchef The Professionals
Sister: That little girl off of the Natwest £1 shopping trolley advert
Brother: Marcus Rashford from Monday Night Football
Grandfather: Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm
Aunt: Elaine Benes from Seinfeld

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1 mother - Beyonce
1 father - Mr Bean
1 sister - Tina from Bobs Burgers
1 brother - Mr. Mistoffelees from the film version of Cats
1 grandparent - PopEye
1 uncle or aunt - Uncle Phil (fresh prints of belair)
and NO siblings - Chuckie from Rugrats


Wow! That sure would be quite the family!


Unfortunately I’m going to have estrange the lot of them due to the no niblings breach.

Where is the breach?

It’s right here, brighteyes.

That was meant to be a reply to Anthonyapocalypsenow

I don’t really know what “nibling” is


good shout, this


Some bullshit @nemrac is trying to foist upon the community.

Yeah, I don’t know what a nibling is, nor do I care to sullen my internet browser history with a search for it

@nemrac is an important member of this community and I don’t think it’s fair to describe something as “bullshit” when most of us don’t know what it means


She claims niblings is the word for nieces and nephews. I mean it is but it’s just some new toilet someone has invented like amazeballs.

Oh right, I’ve never heard of that before

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