Fantasy House Hunt

Mate, it’s a wileycat thread, there are rules.

  1. Go to your preferred property searching website.
  2. Search an area (however broad or narrow) that you would love to live in - no price limit, any filters you like.
  3. Post links to three properties you like. The catch - you have to move in as is; no changing colour schemes or furniture. You can swap out non-fixed decorations such as pictures, throws etc and obviously bring general possessions.
  4. Add a poll for DiS to decide which one you get!

You don’t actually get it, but it’s nice to dream, right?

You can post as many times as you like for the same or different areas. I’m probably going to be doing this all day :shushing_face:





  • A - Cotterdale
  • B - Carlton in Coverdale
  • C - Preston Under Scar

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Good idea for a thread - will take me a while to find some properties though

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probably just something like this in the best part of ‘London’ (SW London)

Can only assume you’re all engrossed in a search for some stellar properties. Can’t wait to check back in in twenty minutes for the many polls that will surely be here.

You’re thinking of a different thread.

just pick another 2 that look just like that in the same area…but nearer the park

  • St Edmund’s Terrace (1)
  • The Chapel (2)
  • Heathfield House (3)

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2 for sure. The other two look to too cold and big. Love the floor in the second. Still a bit cold but with lots of pictures and a very tall ladder I could probably make it work. Some of the furniture is :heart_eyes:


St Edmund’s Terrace’s largest room appears to be the emergency exit. That’s not… reassuring.

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2 looks like a restaurant


Tbh suspect the kind of person who lives in these properties might be in need of one.

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It’s a stairwell, obviously.

I would love to live in my own restaurant.

(1) Quartermile

Probably prefer the new buildings in this development, but also, that balcony view.

(2) Ramsey Gardens

Love this place. Those ceilings, though (guarantee they are not original)

(3) Bell’s Mills

Views over the water :+1:

  • Quartermile
  • Ramsey Gardens
  • Bell’s Mills

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C. the kitchen surfaces though :grimacing:

  • A - Muker
  • B - Middleham
  • C - West Witton

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So that’ll be the north south divide then:

I love this area.

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None are quite my cup of tea, but would go for the first. The grey carpet in the bedroom in one of the others was an instant no. Trying to de-cobweb the ceiling would be a nightmare though.

Commute is too long.