Fantasy House Thread


post your fantasy living desires

this thread is inspired by this; LOOK AT IT

looks like pontins


Keys in the bowl, everyone!

looks like a villains lair in a bond film.


Show us your Fenland/low countries ideal fantasy living then

Just a nice apartment in Barcelona

This is a lovely house.


This is behind a grain distribution centre and often has a load of pipes in front of it.

Perfect for some amateur splat the rat action.

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that’s fucking lovely
I’d have made a bit more effort with the garden though

Or, if you have some table tennis bats, some Yes/No People percussion.

you’ve gone on holiday by mistake

That’s fine if you want to fight vikings and werewolves every night.

Thought you were replying to @ericthefourth there


Look, what goes on at Fenino stays at Fenino

I’d build a 5-a-side pitch on the roof terrace.

It’d have to be caged - bit tricky getting your ball back if it goes over the side

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