Fantasy literature for beginners

Hey gang!

Despite my complete geeking out over GoT/ASOIF and a few other franchises etc., I’m not very well versed in fantasy at all. I used to be massively prejudiced against fantasy when I was younger and it’s caused me to miss out on a lot of great stuff, I’m sure. Like, I obviously read the LOTR books religiously around the time when the movies came out (even The Silmarillion!) and have read most of Neil Gaiman’s stuff and a few other things. Read Narnia when I was quite young, probably way overdue a revisit come to think of it.

Anyway, I was hoping you lot could help me out with some recommendations of places to start looking. Please take the time to tell me why I should read it rather than just posting only the title and leaving again, as otherwise it’s very likely to just disappear in between other posts.

I should also say that I don’t normally read much in my everyday life these days (more when I’m on holiday etc), so it might take me a while to actually check out any recommendations. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be very much appreciated!

Ta x

I hated the wheel of time so you’ll probably love it.

I just knew you’d have some quality input to this thread!

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Harry Potter

It is a massively rated fantasy thing tbh, a lot of nerds like it. I just started ursula le guin’s earthsea stuff which is decent.

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The Guardian?

the dragon book

Really should’ve posted this during the day shift, shouldn’t I

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I’m pretty ashamed by this point that I’ve never read those books, tbf.

Actually just read the His Dark Materials trilogy and don’t bother with the rest cos why would you. Nothing will come close. Also you need to read it before the inevitably terrible BBC series comes out


Pretty sure my dad has those books so will get on that.


Mists of Avalon’s meant to be good actually, Arthurian legends through female perspectives

More of a sand opera

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Oh wow, that definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy

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The wife was so jazzed to read that but said it was completely silly


It’s sort of on my list of penoidy history stuff but it’s a bit too not real enough for me so will go back to pretending to understand Beowulf I guess. (Which was completely real obv).

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Hello Tom