Fantasy Panel Show

Just to steal from @Im_On_Safari… who would be on your fantasy panel show (I have’t watched one for years but I am a benevolent thread starter).

@McGarnagle likes Bob Mortimer and I used to find Danny Dyer or Jedward would offer good value.

Please give me your most valued input.

Tommy Walsh

Used to drink pints of Baileys, which is commendable.

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Adam Buxton’s usually good value.

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Hugh Dennis
Andy Parsons
Alan Davies
Gina Yashere
Russell Howard
Josh Widdicombe.


just anyone true to themselves and not burdened by the weight of falsehoods.


I really like Joe Wilkinson tbh.


Rani, Ranganathan, Ryan, Key, Mortimer


Great selection.

Lee Ryan from Blue?

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Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit?

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Missed off Richard Hammond and Phil Jupiters

Watched QI for the first time in years recently. Its very, very bad

but the… hahahah… ahahaha… the buzzers all make different noises and jhajahahaa… and Alan’s is… ahhahaha Alan’s is always funny!!!

got a new film coming out

didn’t he find himself taking some hallucinogens or something?

Joey Essex is quite funny

It had brandreth on it, and Carr. Unbearable

Was going to ask is there still the hilarious running joke where Alan Davies always gets everything wrong and finishes with -1000 points every week. HA!