Fao: Antpoc


Ante upped.


Should probably tag @Antpocalypsenow shouldn’t I


Yap that fool!
Kidnap that fool!


How much you want for it?


Thought this was going to be about all the bloody bugs in the new Football Manager game!

(I jest).


I’m calling bullshit on that taking 30k to produce.


Arranged alphabetically for easy reference! They’ve thought of everything.


the post for that reached its limit and the boards wouldn’t let me publish it – too many characters.


we can do a deal. i sold some books one time, i’m all over this


i can make you one for £29,998


I’ll get Janet to put it on the Twitter.com/guesswhoof account, thanks.


Why don’t I post this Lisbon graffiti here? Reckon @Antpocalypsenow will appreciate it