FAO Antpocalypsenow

Alright mate. On holiday in Portugal at the moment, got a splinter which wasn’t even painful but once I noticed it I kept trying to get it out with my nail. Got a blister there now, splinter is still in there though.

Ant, we’ve just had the rest of our shelves delivered.

Alright mate. Sorry to hear of this. It’s important to deal with splinters properly to avoid this sort of thing happening. Unfortunately, I always just try and dig it out with my nails as well.

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Glad to hear it Lonzy.

I have arrived at work today and then received a text from Yodel that they are delivering the second half of our new garden furniture (the first half arrived several weeks ago) so I’m turning round and going back home soon.

Hi Ant, I’ve got a bit of a headache and I’ve got no pills so I’m going to ask my colleagues if they’ve got any

If you were in the UK they would legally not be allowed to give any to you!

that’s interesting! really? that seems a bit mad, I can make my own decisions

It’s daft isn’t it

Well I bought four and then liked them so much that I bought three more!

(original four)

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That’s a portal to your bedroom.

Hello Xylo. It’s going ok. I’m in a new role so it will be a learning curve for me to be approaching the Dev cycle without really having as much to do with the game directly.

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They look nice

Ant, what is the proper technique to deal with a splinter?

I was unaware of this. Having left the Fatherland age 4 and not having eaten meat for 30+ years this has passed me by.

Thanks pal!


I also got some shelves done.

This is now the shelving thread.


I did my own you fuck!

good shelving

Fill the sink with hot water and add soap. Soak. Then try to remove with tweezers (did fapps bring some?)

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