FAO anyone who works or studies in a london uni or know someone who does

I have to get some surveys out for my course specifically to london university students of any level, have messed up my timings so need them filled fairly urgently (in the next 2 weeks, ideally 1) so if anyone knows anyone to pass it on to or can fill it, please can you let me know either on here or drop me a PM and I’ll send the link, it would be a huge help :pray:t5:

Have you considered posting to a reddit group or other forum?

(Don’t know any myself, sorry)

Could try that, dont know much about reddit tbh it scares me, hopefully someone off here knows someone, I have a friend who is a course administrator at a london university and another friend who works as a lab technician so hopefully they have connections too, in all honesty I am a dumbass who is bad at research as I forgot to send this survey out on time :sob:

:wave: :wave: I can fill it out and pass it on to some people

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Facebook groups could be a good shout too if you’re more comfortable with that.

I don’t use fb either :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: wouldn’t even know where to start

Glad I could help :smiley:

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:laughing: thank u for it anyway I appreciate it

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