FAO @bird


They have this as Kidzania in Westfield:


‘You’ll get a chance to create your own pack of wraps to take home and shit’.


That place is fucking mad Lonzy, you planning on a trip?


My wife wants to go but it’s a long way to go for that.


Is there a snag place to go with it?


How old is your little’un? Took my niece and nephew a while back and she loved it but he wasn’t allowed to do most of it as he was too young and frankly had a bad day as a result.

Comfortably one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been.


He will be four next week.

We have a place near us that is slightly similar but on a much smaller scale.


He can do most of the stuff at four iirc. Does the place near you allow kids to prepare for their life stacking putting clothes on shelves in H&M?


Not as directly but it is called Little Street and is essentially a ‘little street’ with a load of shops that you can play in (plus theatre and fire station etc).


thanks for the heads up mate