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Is it free or £?

free for a couple of months then 60 dollars to own forever and its updated all the time

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Cool :+1:

deffo worth the trial to see how it plays with pi

its one of the least cpu heavy daws

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Yeah tbh for the stuff I’m likely to do I just need something lightweight and user friendly.

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I wouldn’t :wink:

It’s grand as it is

If you want a bit more stereo spread I’d suggest panning the banjo slightly to one side and the lead guitar slightly to the other side

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I’d try doing this in addition to the double tracking

I really need to crack on with my own stuff for this thread!

Quick double track tip;

If you have a gtr take on channel X

Duplicate channel

You now have identical takes on X & Y

Drag channel X 5ms behind the correct timing, pan hard left

Drag channel Y 5ms ahead of the correct timing, pan hard right

Et viola - a lovely psychoacoustic effect

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I like to add a small amount (a few cents) of pitch shifting too if i’m doing this

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Oh yes, there’s lots of seasoning that can be added but this is a superquick fix

The detuning thing I like to do +/- 3 till 5 cents on each channel

I like to always keep everything under 400Hz in the centre and only pan above that too - but that’s a little more complex

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finally got round to something

it’s currently called Fucking Big Pint

do any of you have titles yet?


I’m a Dr


you should’ve said

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