FAO Cambridge DiSers

Please may I have some pub and restaurant recommendations in Cambridge? I’m going to be there with the TV next Saturday and we fancy eating somewhere nice (and visiting the pub).


What do you like to eat and drink?

Not overly fussy. Probably not seafood. Tasty ales.

Ukelele club

If you want to go ultra fancy, Midsummer House is meant to be pretty special. I haven’t been. There’s a few great Thai places (The Wrestlers, Luk Thai at the Cricketers Arms - both pubs - plus Lotus Thai and Sala Thong). The Vietnamese place on Magdalene Bridge is good, as is The Galleria which is mostly Italian and next to it. The River Bar and Grill is decent for steak. If you want something a bit different, the Polish restaurant in Polonia Club is great, but a bit out of the way. Lots of curry places down Mill Road, but wouldn’t say they’re anything special. Rice Boat does good South Indian food. Basically there’s quite a lot of different stuff available, depends what you want.

Pubs - depends on the area really. There’s shitloads down Mill Road way - The Devonshire Arms, The Kingston Arms, The Cambridge Blue… could go on. There’s also the Calverly Brewery down that way. If you want to stay mostly central then the few pubs up around The Free Press and The Elm Tree are good.

Lots of great info there! Thank you.

Anyone fancy a pint late afternoon on Saturday?