(FAO English people) What is the name of this biscuit?



Empire biscuit.


not 100% thats a biscuit, pal


Haha in Ireland they’re still called German biscuits. Apparently the name changed in England bc of wars. Thread can now close


An absolute king of biscuits. I need one now.


Never seen one before.

Looks like a biscuit version of a Bakewell Tart.


That doesn’t look like a biscuit


2 bits of shortbread, jam between, icing and cherry on top. Don’t tell me it’s a cake. Could call it confectionary generally, but biscuit is in the name


Was it purchased in that state or is it something that’s been constructed subsequently?


i feel like its probably something that has been constructed subsequently

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My dad made them, but you can purchase them as is




they’re called empire biscuits in Scotland too thanks for asking :persevere:


Please pass my compliments to your father, they look delicious!




thats not the same thing!


Fucking hell, I didn’t think Scottish people were so susceptible to peer pressure from the English. What’s the point of independence if you can’t even say German biscuit?


literally never seen these before


Colonial Great Viceroy Biscuit