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I read something involving patents today, and I know you’re right into patents in a big way, so here you are:

Please summarise at your earliest convenience (this will be pro bono work, as per your contract with the social board).

A patent is a form of intellectual property right that grants the holder a territorial exclusive monopoly right to the invention claimed in the patent for around 20 years, in exchange for disclosing the details of the claimed invention to the public.

Happy to help.

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Much obliged, I will forward to the Federal District Court in Los Angeles and the United States International Trade Commission.


Is it possible to patent leather shoes?


Maybe if you put an alarm clock in them or something.

Could I patent a new patent called blatant? Please.

I don’t understand the question.

Didn’t think you would. Could you put me in touch with your boss please?

Nobody knows where she is at the moment. Think she might be in a different hemisphere.

Methods of playing a game are explicitly excluded from patentability under section 1(2)© of the UK Patents Act 1977, sorry. No dice.

Everywhere’s a different hemisphere, it just depends where you put the dividing line.

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No thank you.

this thread is patently absurd

patent. ability. there is no patentability.

  • Patently obvious
  • Blatantly obvious

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