FAO experts in British-Uruguayan relations/classic children's books:

Who is this in the picture hanging on the wall in the background of Peepo! and what does he have to do with the Union and Uruguay flags?

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Could’ve put this in the ask marckee thread


Don’t know, but I miss reading Peepo!

It’s really sad she died in 1994 or something, although he still writes books with various illustrators. Some are maddening in their cookiness.

Still read the girl my copy of Burglar Bill I loved as a kid.

Anyway, no idea, sorry.

There’s a Uruguayan who works here, I’ll ask him for you when I see him

He works a lot with their daughter now. I met him a couple of years ago and I’m happy to say he’s as lovely as you’d hope. I got him to write a message to my mum in a copy of the book he was promoting and gave it to her for Christmas and she sobbed. Great stuff.

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I have no idea on this one.

To address your question @eems, I’m not super familiar with Peepo, but this blog talks about the sub-story (the dad is preparing to go to war), and suggests the picture is of Winston Churchill, but states it’s the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes, which it clearly isn’t:

Can you not ask him the answer to @eems’s question?

I wrote ‘cookiness’ and I’ll keep it but of course I meant ‘kookiness’.

Further to this, I also believe you are mistaken about the second flag, it doesn’t look like a Uruguayan flag at all, but an early flag of El Salvador:

Sadly, as it was Janet who did the illustrations, I’m not sure he’d be able to enlighten us :cry:

Imagine Churchill wearing a trilby!

Fuck off mate. The blue on that flag is completely wrong and the latest one was abandoned in 1912 - the book is clearly set in the 40s.

What shall I do after that?

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And in what way does it resemble ANY flag that the proud nation of Uruguay has ever flown?

Well I’m sure he’d know due to the story side. Maybe not .

I’ve been done there. That outfit is spot on. So it’s Churchill, and I’d now suggest Janet simply got the us flag wrong/the printers fucked it/something like that, and the blog is basically correct

Just seen in the Wikipedia article on them that the baby in Peepo is meant to be Allan Ahlberg himself, so maybe he would know?