FAO fans of Tim Key, Alex Horne, Mark Watson

i like the show but they always have a couple of guests who fail to understand of the concept of some of the rounds for the entire 5 episodes, which is weird


Just watching it now, it’s a goodie. The bit about Hugh Hefner and cushion women had me laughing hard.


So baffling. Gabby and Jeff seem to be the strugglers this week. “Is it… beanie hat?” No, Jeff, obviously fucking not.


Find it so weird when people buzz in and give half the answer which then just gives it away to someone else who understands how a question works.

A couple of my friends have tried doing Answer Smash rounds on Zoom quizzes but a couple of people in the group just cannot get their head around the format whatsoever. Strange.

Comedians always seem to do best on it. I remember seeing an episode or two when Horne was on it and was really surprised he wasn’t getting some easy ones but then I realised he seemed to be hovering over his buzzer embarrassedly trying to let other people have a chance first.

Mentioned it in another thread recently but i enjoyed James Acaster’s story on RHLSTP of being bullied backstage by Anne Diamond for doing too well at it


There’s definitely a lot of generous non-buzzing going on when people realise they could walk every episode. Enjoyed the series recently when Angela Barnes dgaf and trounced everyone in all 5 episodes by a large margin.

I love that James Acaster story. Watching it back, you can clearly separate his mood into pre- and post-being called a dickhead by Ann Diamond.

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Horne was definitely being polite that whole episode. The show is so awkward, every single time the comedian is leagues ahead of the rest.


Weird seeing the fox jumper on proper TV

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Nice little set 3 trailer

2 weeks away though




God that music makes me feel 10 years old again

“Ohhh, I’ve typed in motivational theatre” almost made me cry.