FAO Glasgow DiSsers



I’m in Glasgow from 11th to 14th November for a typically geeky weekend. Anyone want to hang out in the evening on the 11th? I’ll try not to perv on you (unless you want me to), but will wear one of my infamous bows.

You seem like good eggs, would be good to meet y’all xxx

PS. Shameless simultaneous JAG: if you’d also like to attend a Countdown event in the city over that weekend, or know anyone who would enjoy it, please look at/show them this page… https://focalcountdown.co.uk/upcoming-events/glasgow/


Ye can perve on me anytime hen


Would probably be up for this. Probably busy the 11th though.


I might not be out for long (school night) but I’d be interested in being perved upon in Glasgow.


Boo! :frowning: I’ll be pubbing on the 12th (prob 13th as well) but it’ll be with ubergeeks rather than DiSsers. Less Nuts readers with record collections, more Pornhub users with dictionary collections.


I actually fall into both those descriptions so I’ll see you every night , madame perv.


Good thing that both groups of people love alpaca pictures! (Please bring hundreds of them.)


(I’m playing a gig in Manchester on the 11th)


What a description!


It’d be good manners to let her know you’re watching at least once.


I would be delighted to make your acquaintance


@keith @casinobay @japes - still up for this? Where would you recommend? I have seen much chat about Sleazys. Will probably be around from half 7, maybe earlier though.

Might be bringing the Countdown people I’m staying with - they’re lovely, relatively normal people (although I’m hoping I’m the only person staying at theirs on the Friday night, as the other 2 staying with them over the weekend are colossal weirdos).


yeah, defo. sleazy’s is a must tbh

other good places: stereo / old hairdressers = more central
mono = bit further east. still pretty central.
bah, loads of places.


sleazys is where many a great Disser has spent time over the years! :slight_smile:
also places japes mentions.
if heading west try out Stravaigin, a firm favourite of DiS royalty @Scout great place to drink and eat.


oh and hopefully i’ll be able to meat up at some point for a couple of drinks, very busy on the fri night, but keep us posted with your plans


oh…btw still planning a trip up. Maybe thia month if I find any cheap hotels


cool, keep us all posted and hopefully we can get another meat :slight_smile:


Any of the places mentioned so far are great for me, although Stravagin might be better for me to avoid as one of my current students works there.

Sleazy’s/ Mono/ Hairdressers all get a :+1:


Got something on with the old bopping crew but they don’t stay out late (6pm, 8pm max) so maybe if they don’t want to dance a bit for ots and I would be too sleepy :frowning:


We know what your bopsquad are like - as if they won’t want to be out later dancing