FAO @iamaperv (Also discussion on great posters of our time)




what’s a souvenier glass?


Is this the one off Ashbourne Rd?


thought this thread was going to be about me


I hear they’re popular on the continient


smh :roll_eyes:


does it conclude with a night of unhygienic sex in a hot tub?


That sounds great. I had some of their beers at the Exeter Arms, they were cracking, the best bitter was superb.


Given my name is in the title I very very genuinely thought @Songs_about_ducking was making a gushing (wahey) thread in my honour :frowning: Extremely disappointed by this, and very angry that my name has been associated with this unacceptable culinary content


I do not understand this thread


I’m glad you grasped it :smile:

It made me do an internal chuckle when I saw it


I think it’s french


Think so, although isn’t brewery tap one of them too? Dunno really. Prefer greyhound at least.


Chip cob is a chip butty, which I was blissfully unaware of until the age of 23. Posted a thread about my discovery a few days later on here and all hell broke loose as I was gaslighted and dubbed a troll for having never heard of a northern delicacy. (Apparently they exist down here too but everyone agreed that barely anyone down here eats them.)

Can’t remember if I ever revealed in that thread that I don’t like chips in the first place.


We hope it’s chips
It’s chips


I’ve never heard of chip cob before either.

Or fish supper.

Or anything much really


how is that man’s pint not spilling??


Not strictly true. Chip butty normally involves chips between slices of bread, chip cob is chips in a bread roll