FAO @Joke and @TKC

Hey, @AQOS and @TKC


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This thread isn’t FMA, but I’m in it anyway.

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Not clicking the link though.

Absolutely creased at describing it as ‘attitude era’

I’m in!

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I think you shall enjoy to see these things.

Really wanna waste a significant portion of my life by doing something like this, maybe with Neighbours or Big Brother

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I agree!

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It’s really exciting to get a DM but nothing will ever compare to the raw thrill of getting a ‘FAO’ thread


I thought you’d enjoy to have an FAO thread so that made one.

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lovely stuff1

I saw it a while ago when it showed Maxine’s hen party (her and 5 pensioners at the Rovers) but didn’t know it was still going

that’s the rest of my work day sorted

There’s some classic episodes on Britbox too, watched a few the other day

how many?

oh hold up, the first tweet was in the last 24 hours?

have they deleted all past ones and restarted, I’m sure I’ve seen this before

Like a dozen, or maybe a baker’s dozen (13)

that guy tweets loads of corrie stuff on his main account, I think he’s just set up a new account for it is all


How about this then

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Nothing made me happier than when I was @FAO’d in the title of the original bike wanker thread on old DiS. Nothing I tell ya.