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Think you’re probably right when you say that Walkers Stax are a pale imitation of Pringles and probably won’t be a long-term market rival, as much as paprika should be a standard UK flavour across all crisp brands.


Not sure I get the reference here, champ. Never had stax. Can get onboard with the paprika idea though


I just want a bit of consistency from you, mate.

That’s all i’m saying.


paprika’s just not that exciting is it


Can we talk about opening a packet of Stax? Really odd imho.


No, but it’s a nice homely flavour that should sit amongst the standards.


Paprika, you gotta see her


Exactly this. They’re just crisps with a bit of brickdust sprinkled on them.


settle down


paprika flavour launch campaign idea: “once you paprika, you can’t stop… rika”

feat. ulrika jonsson



Think I actually prefer Stax. Best flav: Sour Cream & Onion.

  • Flavour side up to fit your mouth
  • Flavour side down

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check your username


What have you got against Stax?


Working tastebuds!


You seem overly dogmatic in your crisp opinions.