FAO Lady Dissers

Those Snag tights you always see advertised on Instagram are actually really good! I got a couple of pairs and they actually fit properly and don’t constantly fall down. I might have to retire the leggings now.

Bought anything else good lately?


“FAO Lady Dissers”
New thread innit.


I’m thinking of getting some but think I’m between two sizes. Do they come up really far, like above the waist? My colleague said they do, which she likes, but I’m not keen on that

Oooo I’ve been interested in these for a while and it might be a different company but possibly not…the ones who also do the little shorts to avoid thigh rub.

Well maybe you could pass it on to your wife :woman_shrugging:

"Hey wife some people on the internet said… um… something about good …tights? "

Yes, mine come right up to my bra line if I wish. I like that to be honest, maybe it’s more relevant for bigger ladies but this helps them stop falling down

Also, I picked the size range I thought would be most relevant and I think I could’ve just about got away with a smaller size if that helps

Do they do that thing where they spring down below your flab line? As that really does my tits in.

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I bought a pair of these too, they are basically just truncated tights. Haven’t worn them yet but I think they’ll be cooler than the normal cotton ones

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No! Not yet anyway. I think the reason they work so well is the actual body of the tights is quite long so you can pull them up way above your waste. I haven’t had any annoyances yet and I’m on day 3


Absolutely LOVING their website. Loads of bigger chicks, diverse models and even someone non-binary.


And they send everything in recyclable paper packaging


Sold! You have successfully converted one lady disser.

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Cool, let me know how you get on with them

I’ve been wondering about these! Put off by the expense so I’d be very interested to know how long they last without laddering.

I like my tights to sit a few centimetres above my belly button, I guess that’s my waist? Where it dips in the middle. Hate when they are so long they go up to my boobs and also hate when they roll down under my tummy.

Yeah they are £6.99 a pair but they seem good quality and I’ve decided I will just need to take more care of them than I normally do with multi pack tights.

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Finally wore my actual tights pair the other day, did a very good job at the old not falling down at the waist, but constantly had to hitch the legs up. Also were a bit uncomfortable at the between the legs seem.

The shorts too I found far to tight unfortunately and I laddered one pair in the process of putting them on :frowning:

Think the are just not right for me tbh.

I have a totally unworn, still in the paper, pair of black shorts in size E if anyone wants them I’ll post them to you.

Hmm, I wear a size E and they feel a little big on me - you are tiny in comparison so maybe they were just too big a size for you?

Oh wait I just saw you said the shorts were too small? That’s really odd.

I think I’m gonna go for a size F

Also can we have this thread all to ourselves. Feel it’s really nice to just have the girls/nb able to talk about mundane things like tights and bras.