FAO Lady Dissers

Oh god me too. My hair is the BANE of my life!!!

Size buddies!! :fist_left:

Got an email from bravissimo the other day advertising their bralets which looked good, might get one for pyjama wear…


I just want a good quality tight t-shirt for wearing under my dungarees. Why is it so hard?!

Would like 1 in black, 1 white and 1 rainbow stripes.

I’ve been pondering this for a while, which one are you gonna get? https://www.bravissimo.com/products/flora-bralette-ln798/#red-ln798red I keep going to look at this one, I hate not wearing a bra but the wire digs in when im asleep so this wireless might be an option for me

Zara was the one I liked. I wear a vest with kind of bra in from there at night. https://www.bravissimo.com/products/pj-racerback-blouson-top-nw286/#black-nw286blk

Just checking in to reaffirm my love and appreciation for Snag Tights and their wonderful, inclusive marketing.

And also to say I really miss going outside regularly and getting to work out really fun and cute outfits every day.


I haven’t tried Snag yet but ^this to all of the rest of your post

Ooh thanks! Just had a look and might give the Zara one a try - it looks cute and quite sturdy which doesn’t happen often :joy:

I’m gonna buy some soon for winter
They don’t dig into your stomach or anything so they? I like to wear my tights super high, almost just under my bra!

No, I used to get red marks from my tights digging in (if they stayed up) but these don’t leave a mark and you can pull them up pretty high!

Do the Snag tights keep their shape and not get baggy at the crotch? Always worrying when I wear tights with a short skirt that they are falling down and showing.

Nope, not for me. Mine stay up and don’t sag or drop down. Wonder tights!

(You can pull the tights quite high up, almost to your bra line! So they don’t tend to roll the way others do)

I know one or two people have said they haven’t been a fan but so many of us love them that if you’re undecided I’d recommend buying one pair to see how you get on anyway. They’ve been quite revolutionary for me.


I have a Bravissimo brand one I got a couple years ago, similar to this one: https://www.bravissimo.com/products/fern-bra-ln796/#navy-ln796nvy

I love it, I’m a 34FF and it’s super comfy and also quite cute. They have sales a lot too, it’s worth looking out for.

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They’re good and have firm elastic.

I was bought some as a gift and wasn’t that fussed about them because the fabric isn’t as nice as say the M&S velvet ones, but I’m not their target market because standard tights fit me fine, whereas people I know who have problems with the fit of other tights love them because they’re suddenly comfortable and not having to constantly hoick things up or down or being left with sore red marks.

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Actually this has given me a thought - I wonder how often cis men expect to put up with clothes cutting into them and leaving painful red marks


I often put my hair up in a messy bun but have been trying not to do this for the past couple of weeks. My hair is ridiculously long and as @froglet says it could be partly due to that and being at home more too. How do people grow their hair super super long without it all falling out?! I think a shorter cut would probably help too.

M&S was such a good shout! This arrived today and it is unbelievably comfortable:

Gonna buy hundreds of these on payday and then ransack Bravissimo for good luck too :smile:

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Yeah I can’t go back to underwire now I’ve managed to get hold of non-nanna soft bras that fit properly

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My boobs aren’t particularly big but I’ve not had much luck with non-wired bras. I kept finding that they sort of flip under at the bottom round the front, as though the designer hasn’t thought that gravity might be an issue, so then they cut in at the sides where it’s folding over. I’m not a fan of longline styles or wide elastic under the cups as I find it uncomfortable.