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Period pants. What you rocking?

(I use a Mooncup but sometimes get slight leakage, I’m thinking period pants might be the answer)

Oooh spooky, I was planning to ask the same question.

I have some Thinx but they are now two years old and I’m ready to bin them. I wasn’t massively impressed with them so I only use them at night as a back up, but I’m wondering if technology has improved in the two years since I got them? Would be interested in any recommendations. Also when I bought mine, you could only buy direct from the US so I incurred import taxes. So a non US company would be better

I bought some Modibodi period pants and I love them. I use tampons but always have one night where I leak and then don’t sleep properly because I’m worried about getting blood on the bed. These pants are perfect for that and I’ve bought a second pair for lighter days. They’re well made and comfortable.

I would recommend Modibodi. You can now buy Thinx from Asos though.

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Thanks, have ordered a pair to try out

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yep, same. thanks @shes_so_high

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Mine arrived today and coincided with the last day of my period - seem really comfortable and much less bulky than the Thinx ones so I’m quite impressed so far. Will be interested to see next month what they’re like on a more substantial day.

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Anyone tried those spot patch things?
I’m sorely tempted

The Corsyx ones are really good. You can also buy tubes of benzoyl peroxide which magically heals spots, it’s great.

I’m a bit scared since I gave my chin a chemical burn last year with an overdose of sacylic acid
Love the ideas of little spikes fighting my evil angry spot tho


These are the ones (sorry, I always get the brand name wrong!)

I burnt a massive hole on my forehead when I saw I had a spot emerging and decided the best idea would be to soak a swap of cotton wool with TCP and hold it on my forehead for a whole evening :laughing: told everyone it was a burn from my straighteners :blush: there was a mark on my forehead for moonnnttthhhsss

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Big fan of this brand (snail products aside)

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Anyone tried Snag tights in vanilla marshmallow? If so how pale are they?

I haven’t tried Snag yet and not 100% sure I’ll like them as I heard they come up quite far and I don’t like clothes squishing my belly, so any other tights brand recommendations would be appreciated as well

Daytime bump because I posted this at 2am for some reason