FAO Lady Dissers

Doesn’t matter, already over it :laughing: having one of those (moany) days.

Got a follow up appointment for abnormal cells tomorrow. I had it once before about a decade ago and had that thing where they burn them off but they had to do a biopsy as well as it was…idk…deeper?

Think tomorrow is actually just another smear to see if its cleared up on its own. Can’t for the life of me remember how long I’ll have to wait to find out?

No point to this post really, just wanted to overshare :sweat_smile:

Bravissimo have finally made my favourite bra in red!!! :tada::partying_face::smiling_imp:

Happy High Protein GIF by think!

… Still waiting on forest green but :grin:


Is the bra Satine? All timer bra tbh.

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Bought this after eyeing it up for weeks and it looks so good on me :star_struck: :sparkling_heart:


Yes! It is the best, great for everyday, supportive while still showing some cleavage and nice enough to feel sexy in too :blush:


Ooh i like that :heart_eyes:


Big fan of fringing


Had to say this to someone if that’s okay…

So I always wear a bra, always. I enjoy the support but thought I’d hang free for a few days. Why not. Crikey, it’s been three days and they are ACHING. The relief of putting a bra back on :sob:


Why do i always go for waxing at my most painful time of the month :sob: