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Going to bleach my hair next month. Have always done it myself in the past and had nice results with both balyage and highlights but I fancy a colour that isnt just whatever blonde it gets to before i rinse it off.

So going to get it done. Not sure which i like best out of these. I do love B a lot but i sort of want something bolder. A is a bit too yellow blonde i think but i like the whiter bits. Reckon I’ll ask for D but with some brighter/paler bits too :thinking:






  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
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Going to ask for some sort of combo of C and D :blush:


Where’s everyone buying their trousers/jeans?

I want some black skinny jeans that look smart enough to wear to work and can also go casual. It’s so hard for me to find trousers that fit well. I’m really desperate now though as I don’t have a single pair of trousers since my ancient pairs thigh/bum hole got too big to get away with anymore :joy:

Going into town today and I HATE shopping in town but think I need to really make an effort to try loads of trousers on :upside_down_face:

Marks and sparks or lucy and yak xx


God it’s so hard to find jeans that fit. Last time I bought jeans the only ones that fit were £10 from h&m, which obviously aren’t great quality and also I noticed after cutting the tags off that the front pockets are fake! I have no suggestions but I’m hoping someone else does.

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go to a big TKMaxx and try loads of jeans on - they’ve usually got Diesel/Levis/Replay/Lee etc. all a bit cheaper than normal. And then you can work out if there’s a decent quality brand that works well for you that you can buy that will last. For me I know that Replay works well for me. I’d been struggling post closure of Topshop, as I’d previously relied on Topshop tall range. I’m too tall for the rest of the standard high street jean brands it seems.

This^ (their “Re-Yak Marketplace” on Facebook is good. Free returns if you buy direct. Generous sizing which is very good for my large-thighed figure).

Also, weirdly, Sainsbury’s Tu stuff is actually quite good, I’ve picked up nice bits recently and their jeans are fine.


Another rec for Lucy & Yak trousers with @tilty & @plasticniki . I’ve got the black Camden’s and they’re smart enough for work but casual enough for not work. Super comfortable too. They’re more straight leg than skinny fit, but they loads of different jeans/trousers.

Also M&S jeggings look very jean like and are comfortable! (And really reasonably priced) (and I can see @tilty also recommended M&S).

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Anyone had any luck measuring their bra size?

I’ve followed instructions on three different websites now and each time my size comes out as a 32F. I’m pretty sure there’s no way I’m an F cup. (My boobs are small, I’d expect to be a B cup or a C at a push)

Any suggestions before I give in and get someone to measure me in a shop?

I’ve done online measuring things twice and came out as a 26F. Nowhere makes a 26 band size but i would def feel like I couldn’t breathe! I also don’t have big boobs but I think the thing is, most people are rightly or wrongly wearing a larger band size than they measure as, and therefore a smaller cup size, and that shifts our idea of what an F cup looks like. So is it possible that you are actually an F cup and we’ve all just come to think that’s enormous when it’s not?


Problem is your size is only good for one make as far as I can see so I only buy Freya now as I know they will fit

I am aware this isn’t helpful - sorry There is somewhere that offers online fitting if I recall I will have a look

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100% this.

Maybe this chart will help.


@froglet @Slicky @Iceblink thank you all for your replies. I had looked at 32F bras in TK Maxx and they looked too big but I think maybe I need to look elsewhere. @Iceblink that graphic is really interesting and helpful!
Maybe the size is right and actually isn’t all that big. I’ve ordered a bra online in that size. Will let you know!
I’ve been living in sports bras and bralets for years!




I’ve just seen an Instagram video of someone saying low iron and anaemia can cause frizzy, easily damaged hair. :exploding_head: My hair’s been getting frizzier and frizzier and I thought it must be an age thing (which maybe it is in part, who knows), but I have been treated for anaemia recently - really hoping that this will mean I’ll be able to get my hair under control soon :sob:

I tried some bras on in M&S today…the 32E fit perfectly!


Just been to have this done. He said to lighten it over time as there’s old colour in my hair in parts. Anyway, its pretty subtle rn but he said by the next time i’ll have a lot of lighter bits and omg… its the first time in my life I’ve left a hairdressers 100% happy with how its been styled. Even curly hair specialists got it nice but i never felt quite right with parts of it. Already praying he never leaves hairdressing :heart_eyes:


Evil amazon but last I noticed they’ve got a good offer on olaplex (the large size too) - nearly half price i think

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