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I didn’t catch your @ me last night and now I didn’t want to bump the evening thread like a loser, but this was simply MAGICAL. Turns out I’m culturally programmed to love pizza!


looked up that spain being most lgbt friendly thing and it turned out it was based on a study of only 40 countries!! :open_mouth: !


I loved this. It was meant to be!


I remember reading somewhere that Uruguay had an outstanding lgbt record


I’m curious about “Latvia: Women”. Like equality of women? Number of women? Best women, ranked on some mysterious scale?


so i’m good at being a billionaire while a frenchman is better at drinking whisky?



Conversely UAE is best at ‘Men’. So I guess it means female rights.


Egypt wins at “Heaviest Women” though, shaded in the same colour, so the plot thickens.


mongolia: velociraptors



Oh if you click on the original website, it has the info. It’s most women:men ratio.


There’s some belters in there. Imagine the best thing your country does is ‘death’.


Here’s the details and the countries they didn’t mark on the map.


Germany: Best passport



Don’t you have those cool minimalist mountain ones in Norway?


I’m actually about to get a new one so will report back if I remember.