Fao lawnowners/managers

Have you cut your lawn today?

  • Yes
  • No

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The smell of freshly cut grass

  • Delightful
  • Partridge shrug
  • *sneezes* ffs!

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Look at that skewed poll, such a humblebrag.

I know, eric needs taking down a peg or two

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  • GreenThumb
  • Not a Tory
  • U wot m9

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Lawn’s completely fucked. Probably 70% moss and 30% weeds. Need to sort it out.


GreenThumb mate. Well worth it

That looks good. GF’s Dad is well into gardening, so probably going to get him to come up and help returf it at some point.

would love to own a lawn one day

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They’re a complete pain in the arse. Think I’m going to get rid of mine when I (finally) get round to sorting the garden out.

Mowed it on Sunday when it was still cool to mow your lawn.


Gonna do it tomorrow, but have to borrow the mower off the neighbours


voted yes, but obviously was MrS as that’s one of his (very few) jobs

Just mowed the lawn although most of it is moss.
Started to weed the veg patch area, but its a complete state.

The only success is the rhubarb.

Coming tomorrow to do our lawn. Got rid of all the clover last year, looks great this year. Nice.

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Apparently the trick is not to cut your lawn too short or it isn’t drought resilient. You need to cut it quite long. Fortunately my mower is too crap to give it a close shave.

yep definitely keep my lawn a bit longer and it looks great. going to try and give it a trim tomorrow and will post a pic

I can hardly wait. Garden selfies!

We’re doing our back garden this year. The plan is to ditch the grass and go for a thyme or clover or chamomile lawn instead.