FAO LME; Anyone looking for a flat in London Fields?

A friend of mine is renting out her 2 bed flat in London Fields, available from 1st April, £1600pcm

anyone interested ? DM me

probably should have put this on the announcements board

London Fields is such a lazy name for an area

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Anyone seen the film adaptation? Good cast, but oof - those reviews…

I now live at London Fields and this weekend was a startling reminder that you can, inexplicably, barbecue in the park legally.

Aye that section gets properly Gorillas in the Mist at the height of summer.


The only people that I’ve ever seen in London fields are celebrities or people who seem like celebrities. Well done!

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Thank you very much x


I forgot you lived over that way now. There’s a free gig you might be interested in. My friends band Air Formation, who you saw supporting The Wrens 10+years ago are playing at a venue called The Victoria in April.

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Yup, this will be my life now moving forward


this is now the announcements thread

Hmm. Ok sorry.

Not for long


I actually am

Only a one bed

For much less money

I’m not mate.

nah, it’s fine

no offence to your friend, but when I see photos like that I always think “and now what does it look like without the ott extreme lense on?”

Was one of those films that got stuck in production hell didn’t it, everyone ended up suing each other for control.