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You still using oyster cards or is it just a contactless frenzy these days?



depends though, if you want a monthly travelcard you’ll need to get an oyster


Contactless can be cheaper, too:


I use Apple Pay like the absolute twazzock that I am.


never yet seen someone use that on the tube without them standing there like a melon for 5 minutes holding everyone up trying to make it work.


I use android pay, it’s pretty easy and you can be reading a book or whatever and you don’t have to switch into the app. Still keep my card and oyster though, they’re all registered to the same tfl account


yeah the first couple of times I used it that was me, but I’ve (hopefully) mastered it now. Never heard tutting like it! :joy:


If using an oyster card is LME then I guess I’m just a big LME.


I’m so furious whenever that happens but instantly feel bad because you know, its not exactly their fault.


I even got a refund on my oyster, it was such a thrill.

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I once tapped in with my watch. What does that make me?